Our condominiums at Xaman – Ha are privately owned condominiums, beautifuly furnished and totally equipped. All units are beach front locations overlooking two miles of unspoiled beaches and turquoise blue Caribbean waters.

1 bedroom – 1 bath units
2 bedroom – 2 bath units
3 bedroom – 2 bath units
3 bedroom – 3 bath units or Split level penthouses

Condominium amenities include: Beach front location, swimming pool area, beautiful gardens, parking, terrace off living room, king size bed in master bedroom, 2 single beds in second and third bedrooms, air conditioning, ceiling fans, equipped kitchenette, dining and living areas. Units also have 21″ color T.V. and cable. Linens and towels provided. Daily maid service.

With the growth of human communities in the vertical sense, social life was taken by innumerable situations in which two or more people have ownership or property over the same good. In fact, a given right may belong to several persons at the same time, in which case we have the so-called “communion”; if this communion falls on a property right, then what is commonly called “condominium, co-ownership” arises. The co-ownership or condominium is a legal situation that has been deeply marking the most recent and current times.

Directed to professionals of the Law (lawyers, judges etc.) who work mainly in the real estate area, as well as to the professionals related to the administration of real estate and, why not say, also addressed to the own owners that integrate the condominium .

We want to believe that it is unique in its scope, because, within the same copy, in seven chapters, it deals with the General Theory of the Condominium; Traditional, General or Common Condominium; Condominium or by Autonomous Units; Conventional Closed Allocation; Multi propriety, Shared Ownership, or Time-Sharing; Condo in Shopping Center; Condominium in Country Clubs; Condos in Private Cemeteries; and Condominium Procedural Law.

The difficult relationship between condominium owners; between administration and condominiums; the question of the juridical personality of the condominium; the internal regulations and their compliance by the condominium owners; the controversial questions about ideal fractions; the condominium without convention or with its convention outdated; the condominium, no common areas; the condominium and labor issues; to administrators who render services to the condominium; the priority sectors in the supervision of trustees and administrators; fire safety and panic in apartment buildings; the discussions about garages, vacancies and shelters; etc. All of these issues, of an economic, juridical or social nature, demonstrate in themselves the importance of this book in the current context. Importance is reinforced by the updating of the topics covered, by the peculiar scope of the subject, by the didactic organization of the subjects and by the ease of consultation regarding the specific themes.

Thus, the work details the common aspects of the condominiums in general and specifically the condominiums governed by Law No. 4,591 of December 16, 1964 (Condominium Law) and the condominiums governed by the Civil Code of 2002.

Intended for, condominiums, tenants, administrators, academics and curious who want an efficient way to improve the quality of life and social of a condominium. The author’s performance, as a condominium administrator, showed him the need to clarify, objective and accessible the information for good management, synthesizing the information making it practical and applicable. With easy-to-understand content, it has its applicability identified with forms that serve as reference, defusing any doubts that are common to those who are unfamiliar with the language of administration, accounting and finance.

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